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apple, grapevine, nails, wire, 58" x 68" x 3", 2008

Through June 26, 2016

Green from the Get Go: International Contemporary Basketmakers features more than 70 works by artists who take inspiration from nature and the history of basketry.

Since time immemorial artists and craftspeople have been highly attuned to the beauty and resources of the natural world, whether depicting a pristine landscape, untouched by man, or harvesting plants and minerals for pigments and brushes. Sustainability is part of the design and craft process, which requires a heightened sensitivity to materials, one which honors the caring for, replenishing, and repurposing of materials.

Some of these sculptural baskets are made from both flora and fauna, from bamboo, pine, sea grass, and willow to emu feathers and porcupine needles. The tactile nature of these fiberous works stimulates our all of our senses, sight, smell, touch, and even sound. Each maker brings their own conceptual approach and expression to their design and fabrication process. Some works are small enough to nestle in the hand or rest table-top, while others are monumental or hang on the wall. Green from the Get Go stretches our imagination in terms of what materials and forms constitute a basket and how art bespeaks the interconnected relationship of man with nature.

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Jack Walsh and Martha Pierce

Through June 26, 2016

This exhibition features New Jersey photographer John F. Cooper’s Organic Portraits series.

“From the beginning,” Cooper explains, “the intent of the Organic Portraits project was to create a series of timeless and fundamentally beautiful images that would create awareness for—and help preserve—the world’s rainforests. In the 1950s, around the time I was born, about 15 percent of Earth’s landmass was covered with (oxygen-generating and carbon-dioxide storing) rainforests. As of the time of this book’s publication, fewer than 70 percent of those forests remain. Luckily the current rate of deforestation has slowed dramatically but that doesn’t mean our destructive activities will be curtailed; more of these crucial ecosystems could disappear by the close of this decade. It is my belief they benefit the world more by being present rather than existing only in photographs, videos and the annals of history. The aim of this project is to drive home the understanding that our rainforests— the lungs of our Earth— are both vital and in dire need of protection.”

Through August 28, 2016

Dive-in and discover the world’s largest habitat. From sand to seashells, coral to currents, waves to beaches, this interactive exhibition will delve into the science of the ocean. See the Museum’s collection of over 2000 sand samples, come face to face with local marine birds or read an ocean tale in our ocean book nook. Special attention will be given to the unique New Jersey Shore environment.

Image: Lucy K. H Kalian, Sandy Hook is Home, beach trash on plywood, 2015. 

Draw Poker Trade Stimulator - webFOR AMUSEMENT ONLY: ARCADES AND CAFES
Through October 10, 2016

This exhibition explores the fascinating world of coin-operated entertainment from the early twentieth century. See fortune-tellers and strength testers from penny arcades and gambling machines and musical instruments from Prohibition-era speakeasies.

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Opening Reception
Thursday, June 30, 6:30PM
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Special Exhibit Demonstration, Saturday, July 23, 1:00PM
Special Exhibit Demonstration, Friday, August 12, 3:00PM
Special Exhibit Demonstration, Monday, October 10, 1:00PM
Curator’s Tour, Thursday, September 15, 6:30PM

Image: Cigar Slot Machine, c1902, Watling Manufacturing Company, Chicago, IL. On Loan from the Collection of Ken Rubin.

Sounds of IndiaSOUNDS OF INDIA
Through October 23, 2016

Learn about the musical history of India and its impact and influence on the Western world through this exhibit of handcrafted instruments passed down through generations.

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Indian Drumming with Taalim School, Saturday, August 27

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