Future Exhibitions

Industrial PhotographyIndustrial Photography by Laurie Ann Orlovsky

August 1 through September 14, 2014

Image courtesy of the artist.



the dog showThe Dog Show: The Art of Our Canine Companions

September 21 through December 14, 2014

This exhibition celebrates dogs in art from the nineteenth century to the present with a focus on British and American artists.  All dog owners will attest to the unquestioned bond they share with the dogs in their lives, whether sporting, purebred, or beloved pet dogs.  To explore how dogs embody a broad spectrum of values and emotions, this exhibition will examine works of art in which the dog takes center stage: demonstrating the performance of hounds and sporting dogs working in the field; showcasing specific characteristics of a breed as depicted in pure-bred portraits; and highlighting pet portraits that portray the dog in its domestic environment.  The scope of the exhibition will also celebrate service dogs, ranging from the innovative guide dog services provided by The Seeing Eye® to the search and rescue dogs that assisted at the 9/11 tragedy, to the heroic military dogs that serve members of the armed forces.

Thomas Earl, detail of A Close Call,  Oil on canvas, courtesy of the William Secord Gallery, New York.

erik demain and martin demain,  Ocean Coral 2013, Mi-Teintes watercolor paper, 12 × 14 × 16Pulp Culture: Paper Is the Medium

September 21 through December 7, 2014

This dynamic and eclectic exhibition will feature the work of papermakers, sculptors, and innovators that explore the everyday object – paper.  We interact with paper in many different forms every day, but these artists have taken the medium to the boundaries of cellulose and creativity.  From mathematically complex folded paper to paper clothing, this exhibition explores the contemporary methods of paper making and paper sculpture, as well as some of the historical and cultural traditions associated with paper.

Image: Eric and Martin Demain, Ocean Coral, Watercolor Paper, 2013.

2007 walk-off home run celebration at home plateHometown Teams: How Sports Shape America

October 4 through November 16, 2014

Sports are an indelible part of our culture and community. For well over one hundred years sports have reflected the trials and triumphs of the American experience and helped shape our national character. Whether it’s professional sports, or those played on the collegiate or scholastic level, amateur sports or sports played by kids on the local playground, the plain fact is sports are everywhere in America. Our love of sports begins in our hometowns–on the sandlot, at the local ball field, in the street, even. Americans play sports everywhere. We play pick-up games and organized league games.

Hometown Teams has been made possible at the Morris Museum by the New Jersey Council for the Humanities.
Hometown Teams is part of Museum on Main Street, a collaboration between the Smithsonian Institution and state humanities councils nationwide. Support for Museum on Main Street has been provided by the United States Congress.

Image: Brenda Read, Hometown Glory, Photography, 2009.