Future Exhibitions

County College of Morris Portfolio Class Exhibitions
March 23—April 16, 2015

This series of exhibitions by students in the Portfolio courses in the Visual Arts Department showcases the culmination of the students work during two years of creative studies.

Fine Art: March 24 – March 26
Photography: April 3 – April 16
Design: March 27 – April 2
Graphic Design: April 16

Earth from Space
March 28August 16, 2015

See our amazing planet from the perspective of orbiting satellites. This exhibit presents large color reproductions of images captured by high- tech satellites circling the earth, recording rare views of events such as dust storms, forest fires, volcanic eruptions, and hurricanes.

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Astro Day, March 28

Now You See it: The Art of Magic and Illusion
April 2August 15, 2015

Illusions are surprising and intriguing. They distort our senses and mystify our logical thinking. This mind bending exhibition explores how the human mind can be fooled through optical illusions, a magician’s sleight of hand, and an artist’s distortion of perspective. More than 20 different hands-on, interactive stations will invite visitors to test the boundaries of clarity and confusion.

Artists, magicians, and illusionists have been tricking the human eye for centuries. From the trompe l’oeil paintings of the Baroque period, to the Op-Art illusions of the 20th century, artists have distorted the viewer’s perception to create masterpieces of illusion. Magicians, using “sleight of hand” in the same way artists use hue, value, and perspective, have delighted spectators with seemingly impossible tricks. Similarly, contemporary illusionists have harnessed technology and animation to augment reality in logically defying ways. This exhibition will invite visitors to explore how these visual stunts distort perception.

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Fresh Perspectives 2015
April 9June 7, 2015

The annual Fresh Perspectives juried exhibition began in 1989 to give artistically accomplished high school students a professionally organized museum exhibition experience and to recognize art teachers for their encouragement and the effective teaching of these talented student artists.

For teachersWe have officially changed to DIGITAL SUBMISSIONS as of 2013!  Please RSVP with your intent to participate by December 12, 2014 and further instructions will be provided. 

Please RSVP via the online form here: Fresh Perspectives 2015 RSVP.   

Download the 2015 Prospectus here: Fresh Perspectives 2015.  

Additional Downloads: 

Framing Requirements and Artwork Labels: Fresh Perspectives 2015 Framing Requirements and Labels 

Submission Spreadsheet: Submission Spreadsheet (Excel 97-2003) or Fresh Perspectives 2015 Submission Spreadsheet (Excel .xlsx)

 For any questions, email freshperspectives@morrismuseum.org.

Fabric of India
April 30August 15, 2015

Brilliant saris, shawls, and accessories in a profusion of colors and patterns will be the highlights of this exhibition. They include rich gold and silver brocades, intricately hand woven and tie-dyed silks, luxurious velvet and lace, gossamer cottons, and beautifully patterned embroideries.

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Sari Draping Demonstrations, Family Festival, May 9

Beyond Bollywood: Indian Americans Shape the Nation
May 2July 12, 2015

From the builders of some of America’s earliest railroads and farms to Civil Rights pioneers to digital technology entrepreneurs, Indian Americans have long been an inextricable part of American life. The Morris Museum is proud to be the opening venue for this national tour of the first Smithsonian Institution traveling exhibition, which details the history of Indian Americans and their contributions to the United States from the 1700s to the present.

Created in collaboration with the Smithsonian’s Asian Pacific American Center, this exhibition explores the Indian American experience and the community’s vital political, professional, and cultural contributions to American life and history.

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The Abstract in Contemporary Indian Art
May 2July 12, 2015

This installation of 20th-century paintings by Indian artists explores the concept of abstraction as a vehicle for moving beyond culture through style, color, and form.

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Indian Art Today, May 17

Love, Shirley Temple
May 2124, 2015 (4 DAYS ONLY!)

This exclusive exhibit features movie costumes, dolls, and childhood memorabilia from the personal archives of iconic actress, Shirley Temple. Spanning the early depression years of her youth and subsequent rise to stardom to the finale of her childhood years in 1941, the exhibit will explore the life and work of the world’s most famous child actress. Sponsored by Theriault’s.

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