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More Art ExperiencesEven More Art Experiences with Nina Nemeth (Ages 6-10)
6 Sundays, April 12 – May 17, 12 – 2PM

Continue exploring the elements of art, from drawing to 3-D. Have fun trying out various visual arts techniques using a wide range of mediums in engaging projects and hands-on activities. If you were in any of the previous Art Experiences classes, come see what new adventures are in store for you – always new projects! Mediums will include pastel, watercolor painting, drawing and collage.

Museum member $135 / Non-member $150 / $6 supply fee

Eco Art with Kelly Bogucz (Ages 6-10)
8 Saturdays, April 11 – June 6, 10AM – 12PM

Explore the characteristics and textures found in rocks, trees, grass and other natural objects through a variety of art mediums. Learn about animals and their habitats while creating both 2D and 3D works of art. You might find out how to construct and paint a birdhouse or a flower pot while learning about the benefits of conserving the natural environment. If you were in an earlier Eco Art class, you’ll enjoy all new projects.

Museum member $180 / Non-member $200 / $8 supply fee

3D-SculptureSculpture and 3-D Art with Caitlin Albright (Ages 8-12)
8 Sundays, April 12 – June 7, 1 – 3PM

Learn how to work with various materials – from everyday items such as paper and yarn, to sculptural mediums like paper mache and Model Magic. Through construction of 3D projects, learn about balance, symmetry and asymmetry, pattern, color, and more. Draw inspiration from other cultures, the work of famous artists, and the natural world. Explore different forms of 3D art such as pottery, relief, or building a human form on an armature.

Museum member $180 / Non-member $200 / $10 supply fee

Mixed-MediaMixed Media Collage & Design with Nina Nemeth (Ages 11-17)
6 Sundays, April 12 – May 17, 2:30 – 4:30PM

Explore some of the many mixed media methods using various tools – you might use paint, you might use “bleeding paper,” maybe ink, or collage materials from any number of sources! Enjoy eye-opening classes viewing demos and learning the methods and mediums available to ultimately express yourself in a unique work of art.

Museum member $135 / Non-member $150 / $6 supply fee


Mosaic-Bird-BathMosaic Bird Bath Workshop with Eleanor Parr-DeLeo (Ages 8 +)
Sunday, March 22, 12 – 4PM

Mosaic is an art form that goes back about 6000 years – originally made with pebbles of different colors, later using tesserae manufactured specifically for this art form. In this workshop, learn basic tile-cutting techniques, placement of tiles, gluing and grouting as you create a colorful bird bath to welcome your feathered friends back to the neighborhood this spring! No art or mosaic experience required.

Museum member $60 / Non-member $70 / $25 supply fee


Drawing on AnimationDrawing on Animation with Kelly Bogucz (Ages 10 +)
8 Saturdays, April 11 – June 6, 12:30 – 2:30PM

Join us for a story through time – a history of your favorite animated stories and characters. Try your hand at the old styles of animated characters and move along the time-line to explore contemporary ones. Develop colorful backdrops for your story to create a cartoon atmosphere. Make your very own storyboard and illustrated storybook. Sample a computer application that designers use today to make your own virtual character (a free open-source software that you can try out on Kelly’s computer in class, and download on your home computer).

Museum member $180 / Non-member $200 / $10 supply fee

Figure-DrawingFigure Drawing with Laurie Harden (Ages 13 +)
8 Saturdays, April 11 – June 6, 1 – 3PM

A continuation of previous figure drawing sessions – perfect for the beginner as well as those who would like to continue their figure drawing practice. Draw the human figure from life, warming up with quick, gesture sketches, and continuing the class session with completed drawings from long poses. Learn and practice proportions and correct relationship between the parts of the body, using guides like plumb-lines and negative spaces. Experience the chance to draw many types of figures. Clothed model.

Museum member $235 / Non-member $250 / Supply list