Museum Loan Program

On the Go Museum Loan Program: Out of the Box, Into Your Classroom

For more than half a century, the Museum Loan Department has served New Jersey public and private schools, libraries, senior citizen and private facilities, and organizations with more than 1,400 portable boxed exhibits. These exhibits contain hands-on objects and interpretive materials that relate to subjects in the arts, sciences, history, and humanities. Artifacts, models, charts, reproductions of artwork, science experiments, classroom activities and mounted specimens such as mammals, birds, and insects enhance the borrower’s learning experience. The collection also contains CDs, DVDs, and a large slide collection with slide projectors.

Boxed Exhibit Listings

Downloadable catalogs are available below and list offerings and exhibit descriptions with related NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards.





Hours and Location

The Museum Loan year is September 1 through August 31. The Museum Loan Department is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. In July and August, the department is open to the public on Wednesdays only. The easy-access entrance ramp is located at the rear of the museum, under the parking deck. Pick up and return of exhibits in a closed vehicle is the responsibility of the borrower.


Boxed exhibits can be borrowed for two weeks and must be reserved seven days to two months in advance. Showcase exhibits, to be placed in a locked showcase, are available for a one-month loan. Workshop exhibits, which require teacher preparation, are six-week loans.

Online: Museum Loan Reservation Form

Phone: 973.971.3709

E-mail: [email protected]

Fax: 973.971.3910

Museum Loan Membership Fees

An annual membership (September through August) is available to schools, organizations, and private individuals.

Please complete the Museum Loan Membership Application and make fees payable to the Morris Museum prior to the borrowing of exhibits.

For more information please call 973.971.3709 or email [email protected].

Up to 50 students $150/school
51 to 99 students $300/school
100 to 249 students $500/school
250 to 499 students $750/school
500 to 750 students $1,000/school
750 to 1000 students $1,250/school
1001 to 2000 students $1,750/school
Over 2000 students $2,500/school
Public Library or Private Organization $375
Home School Family  $50/family
One-Day Event $150

Sponsorship for Museum Loan is generously provided by 

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