Professional Development

Professional Development Workshops provide new insights into specific subjects and are designed to offer new educational resources and tools for K-12 educators.  The workshops focus on the arts, sciences, history, and character education.  The Morris Museum is a registered professional development provider and a certificate of completion is provided to all participants.



Patching Together a Multidisciplinary Approach

Thursday, November 14, 2013
4:30-7:30 PM
$25 per teacher

Workshop Presenters:  Jennifer Schweitzer, Education Coordinator, The Morris Museum, Michele Marinelli, Outreach Coordinator, The Morris Museum, and Ann Marie Cuskley, Museum Loan Coordinator, The Morris Museum, Andrea Marshall, Studio Art Coordinator, The Morris Museum

This workshop will present a multidisciplinary view of the quilt.  Quilts can be used as a basis for discussing mathematical principles, color theory, history, literacy, and storytelling.  The meaning of art changes over time to meet different needs of society.  Participants will be invited to debate the history of the Underground Railroad through quilts, create a short story, and explore the geometric principles behind the quilt.
Visual and Performing Arts Standards: 1.1.D, 1.2.D, 1.3.D, 1.4.D
Social Studies Standards: 6.1.D
Language Arts Literacy Standards: 3.3.A, 3.3.B 3.4.A. 3.4.B, 3.5.B Mathematic Standards: 4.2.A, 4.2.B, 4.3.A

Creative Dramatics for Special Needs Audiences

Thursday, February 20, 2014
4:30-7:30 pm
$25 per teacher

Workshop Presenter: Eric Hafen, Artistic Director of the Bickford Theatre.

Experiment with a variety of theatre games and exercises that will help create an innovative classroom environment.  This workshop focuses on activities designed to enhance the creative thought process and creative expression of students.  Educators will learn practical exercises in movement, visual and audio awareness, as well as methodology to stimulate the imagination of their students.  These exercises can be applied to any academic subject or grade level.
Visual and Performing Arts Standards (2009): 1.1.C, 1.3.C
Consumer, Family and Life Skills (2009): 9.2.D
Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Standards (2004): 2.5

How to Register for a Professional Development Workshop

Professional Development Workshops take place on Thursday evenings.  Pre-registration is required for each workshop.  To register, please call 973-971-3710 or send in the attached application Professional Development Application PDF.  Program prices include resource materials, classroom activities, and a light dinner.  Payment is required at the time of registration.

A minimum of 5 participants is needed to conduct a professional development workshop.  If the workshop must be cancelled due to low enrollment, all participants who have registered will be notified one week before the workshop date.
Payment is required at the time of registration.  Registration may be cancelled up to 2 weeks before the scheduled program date.  No refunds will be given to participants who cancel later than 2 weeks prior to the workshop date or who do not attend their scheduled workshop without officially cancelling.