Morris Museum Camp for a Day

$30/members; $40/members

10am to 1pm; Ages 6 to 10

Customize your children’s summer fun. Pick and choose from the dates listed below. Please call 973.971.3718 or email [email protected] to register.[hr]Digging Dinosaurs, Tuesday, July 10
Did a dinosaur live in your backyard? Discover pre-historic New Jersey, learn about dinosaurs and maybe even make your own fossil.

Aladdin’s Adventures, Thursday, July 12
Explore different countries as we soar on a magic carpet adventure. Children can make mini lanterns and enjoy a performance of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp in the Bickford Theatre.

Digging up New Jersey’s Past, Wednesday, July 18
What was life be like if you were a Lenape Indian living in New Jersey? Or a colonist during the Revolutionary War?  And how do archaeologists and historians discover the past?

Creatology and Bubbleology, Thursday, July 19
Create homemade putty, playdough, and chalk then enjoy a performance of  Bubbleology in the Bickford Theatre.

LEGO® Challenge, Tuesday, July 24
Create your LEGO® masterpiece with LEGO® building challenges, make a free form 3D sculpture, and learn how to plot out a LEGO® mosaic.  A materials list will be provided with registration.

Pinocchio and Friends, Thursday, July 26
Pinocchio was a doll that came to life. As we explore the Guinness gallery, children will marvel at the Museum’s collection of living dolls and then enjoy a performance of Pinocchio in the Bickford Theatre.

Wildlife and Snakes and Scales and Turtle Tails, Friday, July 27
Explore how animals live in the wild, play endangered species musical chairs, and meet some special reptile guests with Snakes and Scales and Turtle Tails in the Bickford Theatre

Artscape, Tuesday, July 31
Are you a budding Picasso or Rembrandt? Discover different art forms, art critique, and then use different mediums to create your own masterpieces.

Women Who Dig (STEM), Wednesday, August 1
It’s not just boys who like to play in the dirt; many women have made significant contributions to the fields of Archaeology and Paleontology. Find out who they are and how they did it in this STEM based camp offering!

S.E.W. What?!, Thursday, August 2
Basic sewing can open many different artistic avenues and requires many different skillsets. Your child will learn basic stitches and create an exciting take-home project.

VacationLand, Thursday, August 9
Travel to a place where there is no school or homework! Make your own ice cream, create sand art, and play all day!

ToyLand, Thursday, August 16
Enjoy a fun-filled day discovering all different types of games and toys. Create toys of your own and share them with your family.